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together, we're 64
tagsMe i have another blog i'm in art school do you watch elementary? do you watch adventure time? uh ok i'm basically done now this is triPPY is there a google doodle today sometimes i'm funny

Remember when everyone thought Logan was Lebanese

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masboobs replied to your post: oh big time rush is on thats cute i dont know…

theres substance if you look hard enough~ or if youre crazy like me and analyze everything to death

there is, but he just has so much to go with the plot line, and he’s not really putting using it like he should…or as i think he should

Like Kendall’s dad because everyone wants to know that but it’s not going anywhere, and it’s sort of like getting really bad because it’s not going anywhere new, it’s been pretty much the same for two years? Except Kendall kissed Lucy and Lucy is gone (for now because I’m sure she’s coming back stronger than ever oooh) so yeah that’s all that’s really happening grr

but maybe I’m out of it because all the stuff I’m getting is from people liveblogging and gifs and from people ranting and stuff

1 year ago

# masboobs

  1. masboobs said: they should do like house of anubis and move it to teennick (but no cause i don’t have teennick). but like yeah i get it. likes jarlos has so much potential but haha that’s not happening, lol. oh, lucy. i’m so upset at what they’ve done to her. ;(
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