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together, we're 64
tagsMe i have another blog i'm in art school do you watch elementary? do you watch adventure time? uh ok i'm basically done now this is triPPY is there a google doodle today sometimes i'm funny

Remember when everyone thought Logan was Lebanese

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masboobs replied to your post: masboobs replied to your post: oh big time rush…

they should do like house of anubis and move it to teennick (but no cause i dont have teennick). but like yeah i get it. likes jarlos has so much potential but haha thats not happening, lol. oh, lucy. im so upset at what theyve done to her. ;(

they don’t even have to do it like house of anubis… i mean it would be cool and it would be taking it to the next step, but even like.. iCarly and Victorious slips in little pieces that appeal to an older audience? Which doesn’t have much to deal with Scott and his plot lines but he frustrates me SPONGEBOB HAS MORE MATURE PLOT LINES SOMETIMES and that really irritates me KISSING ISN’T WHAT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT sometimes your characters have to lose more to gain more and they can’t just solve everything in one episode idk maybe i’m used to other stuff ugh

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  1. masboo said: if they never expand upon that character growth (and makes james regress in the following season). like it doesn’t even have to end in a kiss but sweet moments like the ones in secret and decision don’t have to end abruptly in a slapstick fashion. ;(
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